Establishing the Climate Livelihoods, Energy and Adaptation (CLEA) Institute for International Sustainability in Grenada

The Climate Livelihoods, Energy and Adaptation (CLEA) Institute for International Sustainability will be a global centre of excellence for climate change, renewable energy and environmental science education, research and entrepreneurship. It will focus on building capacity, expanding and exchanging knowledge, technology and good practice between South-South regions (South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, China and Asia-Pacific), developing countries and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

The CLEA Institute will enhance the understanding and expertise of practitioners, entrepreneurs, students, policy makers and legislators in mainstreaming climate change adaptation and green growth into development planning across sectors and South-South regions. It will provide the highest level of education and research, and facilitate knowledge and technology exchange and learning for developing countries and small island states and other countries (such as the BRICs). The professors, scholars, regions and countries’ experiences in national, regional and local adaptation planning and green growth will enable the exploration of opportunities for international and regional cooperation to strengthen sustainable capacity and effective solutions.

The CLEA Institute will be established on Grenada, a small island developing state in the Eastern Caribbean. The host nation will derive enormous benefit through an expansion of skills, research and field testing in the general area of environmental science and climate change adaptation, with additional specialist technical development in industries such as permaculture, aquaculture, marine science and renewable energy. The Institute will act as an effective development tool, placing the host nation and its people at the forefront of knowledge in this area of increasingly vital global importance; thus allowing them to both apply cutting edge knowledge to their own practical problems and to share this expertise on the world market.


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Green Growth and the Blue Economy in Grenada

There is significant opportunity for Grenada in the area of green growth, the blue economy and carbon neutral development, positioning the island as a centre for excellence, a leader in sustainability, and a destination for the growing responsible tourism sector.  All of which provides employment for the green technology and ‘blue economy’ industries.

The consortium partners bring expertise in areas such as climate change risk management, green growth, renewable energy innovation, marine conservation and development and sustainable ‘smart’ agriculture.  As an example, the INTASAVE-CARIBSAVE Group is working with various international institutions to pioneer the introduction of solar-nano grid technology in rural communities, to enhance livelihoods and boost incomes in Kenya and Bangladesh, and coral restoration / fish sanctuary management in Grenada, Jamaica, St Vincent and St Lucia for MSMEs and governments.  The Partners also bring extensive experience of ecosystem-based adaptation, marine conservation, and smart agriculture development tools, such as permaculture and aquaculture, which have particular relevance for sustainable economic development and green growth in Grenada. These fields of study will feature heavily in the curriculum and be a robust focus of research activity, thereby facilitating the advance in development of these and other ‘green tech’ industries in Grenada.

In addition, it is the intention of the partners, through the funding structure, that bursaries will be made available to encourage key Grenadian scientists, policy makers, planners and decision makers to further develop their expertise at the CLEA Institute for the benefit of the Grenadian economy.

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