Bru Pearce

Bru Pearce is a company director and project leader who has had a 30-year career in international resort development. He has conceived and delivered several major projects, engaged in all aspects of property and marina development including overall project management, sales and acquisition, political negotiations of planning and fiscal concessions, valuation, appraisal, financing, marketing, and the holistic economic development of the environments he has helped to create.

Much of his work has involved adapting tourism based economies to market and environmental changes, by promoting; long stay tourism, educational, medical, retirement and life style relocation. A dedicated environmentalist he has been deeply involved in the promotion of renewable energy systems with particular interest in Pyrolysis for energy generation, waste disposal and the capture of atmospheric carbon. He sees renewable energy solutions as a vital part of achieving economic security especially in the Small Island States that currently import all of their energy as expensive fossil fuels.

Bru Pearce is the founder of the Sustainable Nation Foundation Inc. – a not for profit think tank promoting economic development solutions for small island states.

As a director of Poole Capital SA he was the instigator of and partner in the development of what is now the Port Louis marina and waterside resort town in Grenada. This project was sold to Peter de Savary. Bru Pearce then arranged the sale and acquisition of the marina component to Camper and Nicholson’s Marina Investments for circa US$24,000,000. See As managing director of C&N Marinas Grenada he oversaw this highly complex transaction between C&N Marinas, the deSavary controlled development company PLT and the Government of Grenada.

Bru formed Envisionation Ltd, a Grenadian company, in 2008 and has conceived and led the promotion of the development of a Medical Park in Grenada including: Private and public hospitals, retirement homes, sports injury and alternative health care, supporting hotels. At the same time he has been promoting additional education facilities, including research centre and a second university specialising in alternative energy and environmental sciences.

Increasingly concerned about climate issues he formed Envisionation Ltd in the UK in 2010 to engage in climate change communications: Understanding that environmental issues would be the big drivers of this century Bru and his partner in Envisionation UK Nick Breeze set out to try and achieve a holistic overview of the climate change situation. This has involved detailed studies of scientific papers, political responses and investigation of the hydrocarbon industries. Over the past 3 years they have met and formed working relationships with many of the leading scientists in the field. Envisionation is increasingly being seen as a respected source of information on the true state of climate change and has a growing following.