Grenada is poised to be the leading destination for Health and Wellness

Grenada’s St. George’s Medical University (SGU) is recognised as one of the world’s top international medical schools. It has been running for 38 years and is a major part of Grenada’s economy; its presence means that Grenada is very well recognised in medical circles, particularly as the standards of tuition are so high.

The island is amongst the most beautiful in the Eastern Caribbean, benefiting from golden-sand beaches and a uniquely reticulated coastline that delivers a myriad of creeks and bays. It has the potential to be one of the world’s premier retirement locations. Tourism has developed slowly and as a consequence, the island is unspoiled and benefiting from more sympathetic high-quality boutique hotel developments.
The recent addition of Port Louis, the finest superyacht marina in the Southern Caribbean, puts the island firmly on the ultra-luxury map.

Envisionation, a development company that specialises in sustainable solutions for Small Island States, has entered into an agreement with the Government to develop the world’s first signature medical tourism facility. The Government is collaborating by providing a 200-acre site that overlooks Secret Harbour. The site adjoins a sister development where  six-star Setai & Aman boutique hotels are to be built. This site includes a bridge to an adjecent private island that offers some of the finest private residence sites in the entire Caribbean.

The entire project will be designed and built to the highest environmental and energy efficiency standards. Indeed, Grenada has recently entered into an agreement with the United States who are going to provide support for the island to convert to a wholly renewable energy economy.

The St George’s Medical Park will be landscaped to create an environment that delivers an ambience of wellness and calm. On one side, it adjoins the Grenada National Park Dove Sanctuary and the site includes nearly one mile of waterfront. Patients electing to come to Grenada for their treatment will be able to stay in rooms with stunning views and then to enjoy their recovery in hotels that are equipped to support them with spa facilities that will deliver the final touches to the holistic wellness experience.

Knowledge & Health Development Zone

Expanding on the success of SGU which has just attracted US$750 million of investment and refinancing, the Government of Grenada is creating a Knowledge & Health Development Zone in the south-west of the country. Already well established by the presence of SGU and some 6,000 students, the zone benefits from being in close proximity to St George, the capital, and the island’s international airport which includes a VIP lounge and planned air-ambulance terminal.

The advent of a world-class teaching hospital and additional specialist medical facilities is expected to bring considerable economic benefits and confirm Grenada as the ultimate retirement destination. This will lead to a demand for nursing homes and end-of-life care which will generate additional healthcare demand.

Grenadians are well known as exceptionally friendly and caring people; crime on the island is amongst the lowest in the Caribbean. The Mount Hartman Medical Park will bring numerous opportunities for local people and lead to a greatly improved National Health Service with a new national hospital being established as part of the teaching facility on the site.

Within the Medical Park will be specialist medical research facilities; these will be aligned with SGU and enable postgraduate studies across a range of subjects, attracting the most talented students and professors from around the world. Envisionation aims to secure specialist medical-service providers who will develop their businesses on the site, secure in the knowledge that there is a first-class intensive care facility available in the main hospital.


Spice Island Beach Resort

Grenada is poised to become the Caribbean’s leading destination for Health and Wellness. As such, emphasis will continue to be placed on providing the enabling environment to support investments in this sector.

Ronald Theodore – CEO, Grenada Industrial Development Corporation

Preventative Medicine, Health and Wellness

Information technology plays a major part in modern medicine and the entire park will be telemedicine linked. Modern high-resolution imaging techniques are a major growth sector in preventative medicine and companies will be encouraged to send their executives on holiday to Grenada where they can also have their annual medical check-ups.

Alternative medicine in conjunction with spa facilities and accommodation in some of the finest boutique hotels, will offer exceptional privacy in a luxurious environment, making the St George’s Medical Park an ideal location for patients and therefore for businesses conducting elective medical treatments.

The project will include a village centre with shops, restaurants and a community hub that will bring visitors, students, physicians, business people and professors together. Especially with its concurrent move to a renewable-energy economy, Grenada is fast becoming a place where ideas and innovation are propelling it to being a global leader for the 21st century.

Envisionation has conceived the Medical Park with a view to ensuring that patients will choose to have their treatments conducted in Grenada, secure in the knowledge that it will be of the highest quality, in an English-speaking environment and offering the best available after-care in luxury resort accommodation for both patients and their partners. All of this will be delivered at a cost that should provide considerable savings for the healthcare providers.

Envisionation has assembled a professional team with a proven track record and capability of delivering a project of this magnitude, including:

  • Grenadian Development Collaborative – development partners with Envisionation
  • HOK – an international architectural practice with hospital-design specialities; their feasibility study confirmed that there is a significant market both from the perspective of patient and provider demand
  • Environmental Associates and Design Collaborative – landscape architects with more than 40 years in Caribbean design experience
  • Rider Levett Bucknall – cost consultants and project managers who have recently delivered several hospital projects in the Caribbean
  • Buro Happold – energy and engineering consultants
  • RJ Burnside – infrastructure engineers
  • SGU with technical support and educational business plan development
  • Graves Horton Askew and Johnson LLC
  • Washington Group Consultants Inc



The St George’s Medical Park is set to be the definitive medical tourism development

Raymond A. Moldenhauer, Principal, HOK



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